"I am engrossed by the rapid physical changes occurring in midtown Manhattan where I live and work. In ink drawings and oil paintings, I have been documenting construction projects from West 57th Street to the West 30's, and recording the incremental yet rapid stages of the high rise building process. I  had a front row seat over the last few years as new buildings roared up directly outside my 13th floor studio windows on West 39th Street. The northern loop of the Highline Park near 34th Street has been another favored vantage point from which I have been painting the massive crane-studded construction sites of the Hudson Yards as a whole new neighborhood takes shape. Most recently, I have been making paintings of Manhattan West, a multi-tower construction project on 9th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Street. The roof of the Eugene, a brand new Brookfield tower on 31st, provides a birds eye perspective on super tall construction projects in the area and has quickly become my favorite plein-air painting location.


Morning Light, West 53rd Street
September 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
15" x 30"
Construction Series
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