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New York Times "An Art Exhibit That's Good to the Last Drop", by Dunlap, David, February 14, 2012
Telegraph Magazine,"Gwyneth Leech: the Art of Paper Cups", by Sophie de Rosée , Sophie, September 6, 2013
The Sunday Star Ledger, "Over and Over", by Dan Bischoff, March 10, 2013
American Craft Magazine,"Drink Up", by Buttenweiser, April/May 2014
Azure Magazine, "Grind", by David Dick-Agnew, November/December 2013
The Norwalk Hour, "Spanning three generations, a family's art on view in separate Norwalk galleries" , by Francis Carr, April 23, 2015
Boston Magazine "Cambridge Anthropologie Hosts Live Art Exhibition with Gwyneth Leech", by Olga Khvan, November 22, 2013
Pennsylvania Gazette, "Cup O'Doodles", by Molly Petrilla, July/August 2011
Hand Eye Magazine, "Full Brew and View", by Sarah Buttenweiser, August 2010
Full press page for Gwyneth Leech Cup Exhibitions:
Articles, Reviews and Blogs 2011/2014
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The Spur, "New York Artist Paints Perfect Families and More", by Ben Erickson, January 31, 2007
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The Marshall Independent, "Family Impact", by Cindy Votruba , January 30, 2007
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The journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society, "Don't Talk About Religion or Politics", by Don Newton, January 30, 2006
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Art New England, "Gwyneth Leech: the Way of the Cross", by Lois Goglia, October/November 2005
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New York Times, Dance Review: Suffering and Rebirth", by Jack Anderson, March 17, 2000
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Pennsylvania Gazette, "Visions and Videos of a New Scotland", by Susan Lonkevich, June/July 1998
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